The Hydro Spas

All Year Sport, Craft, Leisure & Spa Breaks - Whatever the Weather!

Welcome to our state of the art Hydro Spas, with all the features you ever imagained.

Whether you want to melt your troubles away in one of our saunas or simply unwind in the Hydro Pool, you'll find our Hydro Spas are the perfect place to relax during your next break.

Hydro Pools
Let your troubles wash away in our state of the art Hydro Pool. Featuring individually controlled back massager, neck and head jets, spa air seat, full body jet seat, air foot pad and thigh and leg jets. Plus the Manor Hydro pool also features 2 adjoining spa baths with full body air loungers.

Saunas & Steam Rooms
Our various fragranced saunas and steam room offer numerous benefits including: improving circulation, relieving stress and stiff muscles as well strengthening the immune system.